Zabel and Associates

In 1988, after working for several small, solo practitioners, Matt ventured to open his own practice with the notion that legal representation should be available to almost every individual at a fair and reasonablezabel and associates cost and at the same time with the notion that people deserve to be treated with respect.

Since its inception, his offices have been providing quality and affordable representation to the public at large under various areas of the law. Matt has always operated relying upon word of mouth to promote the ongoing relationships that they now have with numerous small businesses and individuals in virtually every area of the law. In an attempt to provide what he would call “one stop shopping”, Matt has surrounded himself with several other professionals in an “of Counsel” relationship to be able to offer services in areas that he doesn’t presently cover. For that reason client loyalty and satisfaction has been remarkably good.

Matt’s motto has always been that if he cannot provide the appropriate representation, he can probably find someone that will at an affordable arrangement.